Austin Business Consulting Group (ABCG)

ABCG is dedicated to improving investor return and saving organization's money. We are a results driven problem solver that helps bridge the gap between vision and execution.   

We problem solve not finance but also risk management issues. 

ABCG can help you simplify complex issues

We work with each organization to understand the issues and develop solutions to ensure you reach your strategic objectives.  Our process includes:
  1. Ensuring your team understands their role in value creation and finding the best solution.
  2. Training your staff.
  3. Setting the infrastructure to monitor and measure performance.

“His experience and level of responsibility during his career in banking has given Gary a tremendous understanding of the banking industry, its operations and associated regulations...he is known for his problem solving abilities… His ability to enter into a new environment, interact with all levels of employees, make them feel comfortable with the process, quickly pin point issues and finally recommend solutions that were based on facts.”

Chief Operating Officer, Community Bank


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Austin Business Consulting Group provides a satisfaction guarantee on all services we offer.  If for any reason you are not "Completely satisfied with any service we offer", your money is refunded.

Contact Us:

Gary S. Austin MBA

Consulting Director / Owner

Phone: (843)957-5263 

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