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Consulting Services

ABCG is committed to value creation.  Before any engagement begins you will have a clear insight of the project, timeframe, costs, and benefits.  A weekly report on achievements will be generated. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your success.

Financial Consulting Solutions: 

  • Interim CFO / Controller / FP&A
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Implementing SOP 03-3 accounting for impaired loans acquired under loss share agreements with FDIC
  • Process improvement and cost reduction 
  • Implementing new accounting guidance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Scorecard development, key performance indicator (KPI) generation, and return on investment 
  • Product profitability
  • Strategic and Capital planning 

Risk Management Consulting Solutions: 


ABCG can bring in experts in such areas as lending review, internal audit, credit, and operations, as needed.


“His knowledge of financial services extends beyond accounting and financial reporting. He has considerable expertise in risk management and treasury. He excels in the management of interest rate risk and liquidity and I have seen him achieve great results in a very challenging environment. He also assembled from scratch some of the best financial models/projections that I have ever seen. I highly recommend Gary as a financial executive and problem solver."

 Shareholder, CPA Firm


Fees: ABCG is flexible in its compensation:

Hourly Fee: The fee is based on complexity of project and total projected hours. 

Flat or Incentive Based Fee: Based on our joint analysis of the project a fee will be proposed based on your needs.  Some projects can include an incentive based component.

Retainer:  A client may want someone to discuss ideas and opportunities.  The retainer is a monthly fee established to provide a client with the highest level of assistance on an ongoing basis.  You pick the hours per month you need!

Selected Projects in Mr. Austin’s career:

Impaired loan accounting software system (SOP 03-3): The Bank, active in FDIC assisted bank transaction deals, needed a more robust SOP 03-3 / FAS 91 accounting system in place.  ABCG implemented a new accounting system, over a six month period, and trained staff to allow the Company to continue to participate in FDIC assisted bank transactions.


SOX controls saved $200,000: Company began the Sox 404 assessment process late.  ABCG assessed status, developed a repeatable standardized process, a training / education program, detailed process maps, and a risk database with key controls to get the Company compliant.   Project was completed early and under budget.  The process and efficiencies discovered increased shareholder value.


Liquidity analysis exceeded regulatory expectations: Developed a liquidity policy, program, and analysis that included cash flow projections for a $650 million bank.


Business continuity plan: Developed a complete disaster recovery plan for a $200 million bank. The program included a software program that gave the bank the ability to easily update plan changes to keep the business continuity plan current.   Project came in on budget and two weeks earlier than originally projected.


Tax review finds $3 million deduction:  A missed tax deduction was found.  We set up a process to ensure the deduction was captured and trained staff to improve their tax knowledge.


Restaurant franchisee able to grow 26% with no increase in support staff: ABCG implemented changes that allowed a 39 store Pizza Hut franchise restaurant chain to absorb ten new stores with no increase in support staff.  In addition we developed an ongoing cash flow analysis and financial model for the Company.


Deposit fraud system saves $190,000:  A $2.5 billion bank implemented a free checking account product but was concerned about new account fraud, anti money laundering (AML), and monitoring high risk clients.   Team developed a request for proposal (RFP), interviewed candidates, selected the vendor, developed a training program, and the system was implemented within three months.  System paid for itself and reduced losses $100,000 within the first 10 months.


Marketing survey leads to increased member usage: A state CPA society was concerned about it members not using the continuing professional education (CPE) program.  The CPE class schedule was developed annually by a group of 12-15 volunteers that selected classes to offer its 22,000 members.  The team determined that it did not have sufficient input from the members so they performed a statistically valid membership survey.  The survey results lead to increased usage, more online courses, more educational career path tracks, and a new leadership certification program.  While difficult to quantify a secondary outcome was increased loyalty and retention of members.

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